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An endless path. We join yearnings to understand, dancing, what feeds the impetus to respond to the pitfalls of the wheel of the world; what is at the bottom of the eyes when we are faced with terror and the abyss.

We join wills to discover the intimate note that establishes the secret of our blues. Stubbornly traverse the curved line and keep the pulse in frequency. Repeat, repeat, repeat until the sweat generates a spark, flowing the language that escapes what is described, the strategic swing, the repertoire of (secret) actions that black wisdom taught us to have. The cunning step makes it disappear!

To question the catastrophe is to generate grace, elegance and open the body to contradiction, imagining sublime forms of ourselves.
Crooked and ascending branch
crooked and upward
It is to millimetrically define tactical repertoires of undulating hips and columns. It's trying a little tenderness even on the verge of tension.

A territory with our own reason.

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